Company Overview

Unleashing the potential of our fully human Domain Antibody (UDABTM) to combat diseases is at the core of Biomissile's mission. We specialize in discovering and developing multi-specific therapeutic antibodies, particularly for diseases lacking effective treatments. Our cutting-edge fully human antibody discovery and optimization platforms enable us to swiftly produce multi-specific antibodies with exceptional developability profiles. 

With operations spanning three locations - Shanghai (R&D Center), Suzhou (GMP Facility), and Boston (BD & Clinical Trials) - we are strategically positioned to drive innovation in the field.

Biomissile boasts five proprietary Antibody Discovery & Optimization Platform Technologies:

1) Fully Human Domain Antibody Display Platform (UDABTM)
2) Fully Human Domain Antibody-based Multi-specifics Platform (UDAB-MTM)
3) Fully Human Phage Display Platform (U-PhageTM)
4) Fully Human Yeast Display Platform (U-YeastTM)
5) Fully Human Mammalian Display Platform (U-MammTM)

In our latest breakthrough, we've pioneered an inhalable technology designed to safely and efficiently deliver UDABTM molecules to the respiratory system and lungs. This marks a significant stride towards enhanced treatment modalities.